Volunteers work side by side with locals

Volunteers work side by side with locals

Volunteering in Africa

A well planned volunteer trip in Malawi can be a life changing experience, not only for you, but also for the lives you touch and the communities you work with. As Joshua is not a volunteering organisation, our skills are in development, we have partnered with a fantastic

It is an incredibly rewarding experience

It is an incredibly rewarding experience

organisation in order to be offer you the chance of experiencing our work first hand.

Our Partner

Inspire Worldwide offer tailor made group trips for School, Corporate and Teacher Groups. Inspire Worldwide are a professional volunteering company who share the same ethics and values as us and who can provide the support to help volunteers of all ages and experience. They provide team leaders who work with volunteers and make sure they are having a great time, whilst also ensuring the project is run in line with what the community need. Working with a specialist volunteering organisation has meant we are able to spend more time in the field, ensuring that volunteers and the communities they work with are both benefiting from the partnership.

Volunteers from Hurstpierpoint College take a break in Malawi

Volunteers from Hurstpierpoint college take a break in Malawi

Inspire Worldwide – Tailor-made Group Trips

Inspire specialise in tailor-made group community projects and expeditions to Africa and across the globe for schools, youth groups, teachers and corporate clients.

Inspire aims to run expeditions that truly make a difference and provide an educational experience for every participant and one which has a truly positive impact on both the people who take part in the expeditions and the communities in Malawi.

If you are interested in putting together a tailor-made team adventure please contact Beth at Inspire:

w. inspire-worldwide.com  t. 01273 249 543 e. beth@inspire-worldwide.com

Individual volunteers

Perhaps after reading the above you don’t feel like you fit into either group. Don’t worry, you can still contact us about directly volunteering with Joshua. Please contact Sarah Charlton on volunteerjoshua@gmail.com to find out more.



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